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To educate, inspire and support the dairy-industry with practical tools to breed efficient long-lasting dairy cows for all farmers’.

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Which mating software do you need?

M84U; a extensive mating tool for complete linear evaluation of cows including all available cow-data.

M8onPedigree; a simple mating tool to prevent inbreeding and genetic defects.

More details below.

M8(Mate)onPedigree available for international consultants/breeding organisations

Breeding for healthy and vital dairy cows starts with selecting bulls that meet up these goals by breeding values for effecting genetic traits. When mating individual cows farmers should prevent to mate closely related animals to prevent for the negative effects of inbreeding and the risk of genetic defects.

The number of available bulls with corresponding data is enormous and time to study individual pedigrees to be able to make correct individual mating’s is limited. As statistics show us, the chance of mating your individual cows to a closely related bull within the same breed is likely, causing a higher risk on embryonic death (Haplotypes effecting fertility) and genetic defects.

M8onPedigree is a practical software-tool available for consultants and breeding organizations to provide dairy farmers with individual mating recommendations that will prevent for inbreeding levels and exclude matings with both the risk on genetic defects or losing pregnancies by known Haplotypes. M8onPedigree software is supported by Uniform-Agri and is a licensed on-premises Windows-based software.

Call or mail for more information:

Peek Onafhankelijk Fokkerijadvies, Nederland
(Peek Independent Breeding Advice),  Netherlands.
Huub Peek
+31-626 098 998

M84U worldwide available for consultants / breeding organizations

M84U (Mate for You) software is available for consultants and breeding organizations who want to provide good and practical individual mating service to dairy farmers, based on evaluation of linear type-traits ór genomic cow data.

M84U was created by Peek & van der Kroon in 2008, based on years of experience in the breeding industry and research results related to high lifetime production. M84U was developed and is supported by UNIFORM Agri; international provider of management software for dairy farms. Peek & van der Kroon is an independent dairy-breeding consultancy in the Netherlands, with unbiased service in bull selection and individual mating recommendations, and makes sure the licensed software is regularly updated to the latest knowledge and desires from users and farmers.  Therefore, this program is unbiased and can work for any other breeding or consulting company outside the Netherlands and Belgium.

Available in any language

M84U is based on linear evaluation of cows, and breeding values of bulls. It takes an experienced man/ woman in judging cows, who will evaluate the cows on all 19 linear traits on a 1 to 9 scale and puts the data in a hand-computer (PDA). A three generation sire stack on each evaluated cow will also be added into the program, to prevent high inbreeding levels and genetic defects.

The program will take a 5 generation sire stack into account when calculating the individual matings.

You can also add production information with the individual cows that needs improvement. After selecting a group of bulls within the breeding goal of the farmer, you can start making recommendations for that particular herd. There are several different setting options (for pedigree check, breeding goal, production, crossbreeding etc.) in the program, so you can make recommendations according to the wishes of the customer.
Heifers can also be mated, based on pedigree information (parent average is calculated).

The program can be made available in any language so recommendations are easy to read for customers.

For more information or to get a demonstration, mail or call:

Peek Onafhankelijk Fokkerijadvies, Nederland
(Peek Independent Breeding Advice), Netherlands.
Phone Huub Peek: +31 626 098 998.
Or mail:

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